How to Mow a Golf Course

No one ever seems to appreciate a golf course until they have to mow it. The different types of grass and requirements to not only make the course functional and playable on as well as making it look good are tricky, to say the least.

Golf management companies will work with courses on managing the grass and the mowing, and there are three different types of grass on the golf course. Each one has a purpose for the game.

Types of Turf

Fairways are the smooth parts of the course that leads to the green and the hole. They need to look good and also have very short grass and are often mowed in a crisscross pattern to make them noticeable from far away. Fairways need to be mowed and managed constantly, to ensure the grass doesn’t grow too tall and impact the game.

Tall grass often bends under a mower, and if the grass is bent towards the hole then the resistance on the ball is lessened. Grass bending away from the hole has a larger resistance, which is why many mowers change the direction of grass to keep the grass straight.

The rough is the rest of the grass that is often left to grow a bit longer than the grass on the fairway and green. It’s designed to be harder to hit into, forcing golfers to use more strength to get back onto the smoother fairway which takes you to the green.

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Finally Hitting the Green

The Green is the green spot that surrounds the hole, and most golfers want to get on this spot in as few strokes as possible. It is closely mowed and is used for putting into the hole, allowing for the ball to roll farther and get into the hole for golfers to score.